Ascendo Pte Ltd is master distributor of SABA LED lights. We offer bright, reliable and easy to maintain LED tubes and light fixtures. These lights are best used in carparks and offices.

Ascendo Pte Ltd established since 1990, is in the business of distributing with value added service and cost effective state-of-the art security products and system solutions like Integrated CCTV Surveillance systems,  IP Intercom Systems.

With years of experience in the industry, we developed & manufacture our very own True IP, Web based with PoE ( Power-over-internet),  Falco IP  Access Control system.

Falco IP Access Control system is considered as one of the Industry most leading edge technology,  cost effective, flexible and scalable system in the market. It has a host of features including time attendance, Lift access, Global Anti-Passback, Inter-locking, Time zone, Holiday Schedule, etc to suit the needs for most users of  Access Control system.

Being the developer of the Falco IP, we possess the capability to customize the system when the need arises and hence deliver cost effective security solutions tailored to our customer’s requirment. Features like lighting control, Maintenance management.

With the above, we have also developed the Visitor Management System (VMS) to compliment the Falco Access Control system to better manage the movement of people in one building or across buildings in different location

Users of our  Falco IP Access Control system include JTC, ITE West, Government Institutions such Ministry of Education, NTUC Income, banks just to name a few.